Interview With Khizra Khurshid, Senior Tech Recruiter

In today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving world of technology, the role of a Senior Tech Recruiter is nothing short of instrumental. Finding and attracting top talent to drive innovation and growth is a challenge that defines the success of tech companies. At the intersection of technology and human resources, professionals like Khizra Khurshid excel in this dynamic landscape.

We had the privilege of sitting down with Khizra Khurshid, a seasoned Senior Tech Recruiter, Head Hunter, and HR Professional, to delve into her wealth of experience and insights. With a career spanning across the realms of Talent Acquisition and Employer Branding, Khizra brings a unique perspective to the table, shedding light on the intricacies of recruitment in the tech industry.

In this exclusive interview with Brandsterz, Khizra takes us on a journey through her career, sharing her personal experiences, strategies, and expertise in sourcing and attracting top-tier talent. From the importance of employer branding to navigating the challenges of cultural fit and diversity in tech recruiting, Khizra Khurshid provides valuable insights for both job seekers and fellow HR professionals.

Join us as we unravel the art of tech recruitment and employer branding with Khizra Khurshid, an HR trailblazer whose passion for finding the perfect fit in the tech world is truly inspiring.

Hamza: Hi there Khizra, can you tell us a bit about yourself and what you do?

Khizra: Hey, sure! I’ve done my bachelor’s in Media studies and completed my master’s degree in Mass Communication from Karachi University, with nearly 5 years of professional experience in HR. Currently, I’m a Senior HR Specialist at Diligenttek, which is a software company. here, I am also leading the entire HR team.

Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to work on various HR-related functions, allowing me to develop a strong skill set in areas such as technical and non-technical recruitment, employee relations, and HR strategy etc. 

Due to my background in Mass Communication, I have acquired excellent communication skills, which I believe are crucial for effective HR management.

Hamza: Can you describe your experience in managing the recruitment and selection process? How do you ensure you attract and hire the right talent for a company?

Khizra: Sure, I’ve been handling hiring stuff for a while now. This involves crafting job ads, actively sourcing candidates through various channels, and even headhunt top talent from other companies for specialized roles to join our team. I identify and approach potential candidates who might not be actively job-hunting but possess the skills we require. I conduct screening calls to have conversations with them and ensure they’re a good fit for our team.

I’ve gotten pretty good at spotting the right people for the job and making sure they feel welcome from day one. It’s been a great experience!

Hamza: What strategies do you employ to maintain a diverse and inclusive workforce, and how do you measure the success of these initiatives?

Khizra: I actively promote diversity and inclusion. I engage in regular meetings and discussions with my team, focusing on topics related to diversity and inclusion. I ensure fair hiring practices for candidates from diverse backgrounds, maintaining an inclusive recruitment approach.

Additionally, I’ve initiated mentorship programs within my team to provide support to underrepresented employees. Furthermore, I conduct regular feedback sessions to identify areas where we can improve our current processes and policies.

This ongoing dedication to diversity and inclusion has continued to improve our workplace culture, creating a more positive and inclusive environment for everyone.

Hamza: In a fast-paced work environment, how do you prioritise HR tasks such as employee relations, benefits administration, and performance management?

Khizra: I tackle HR tasks by first identifying their deadlines and significance. Employee relations, especially urgent matters, are addressed promptly to maintain a positive work atmosphere. Benefits administration and performance management follow, as they are critical but may have a slightly longer timeline. I use efficient task management techniques, clear communication, and teamwork to ensure all HR responsibilities are managed effectively.

Hamza: Can you provide an example of a challenging employee relations issue you’ve handled in the past? How did you resolve it while maintaining a positive workplace culture?

Khizra: Yes, once there was an employee who wasn’t doing too well, and it was making the team’s motivation. So, I talked to him to figure out what was going on. Turns out, he had some personal stuff bothering him that were impacting his work performance.

To resolve this, I kept the team in the loop, assuring them that we were taking action to address the situation. I also provided him with additional guidance and training to help him improve.

Guess what? It worked! He improved, and the team felt happier too. This approach, not only helped the employee get back on track, but it also made the team stronger and showed a commitment to everyone’s success.

Hamza: How do you stay current with changes in employment laws and regulations? Can you give an example of a recent change and how it impacted your HR practices?

Khizra: A recent change that had a direct impact on our HR practices was the need to revise employee salaries due to inflation. As inflation rates increased, it became essential to adjust employee compensation to maintain their job satisfaction. This involved comprehensive reviews of our compensation structure, discussions with employees, and implementing revised salary scales. I also revised the leaves policy. This adjustment was prompted by new state regulations mandating additional paid leave for employees. I promptly led the effort to amend the existing policy, update the employee handbook, and ensure the workforce was informed about these changes. This proactive approach demonstrates a commitment to supporting employees’ well-being and ensures compliance with the new law. These actions highlight the ability to adapt swiftly, maintain compliance, and cater to the evolving needs of the workplace.


In the realm of tech recruitment and HR operations, Khizra Khurshid’s expertise shines as a beacon of guidance and inspiration. Throughout our insightful interview, she shared not only her journey but also the invaluable lessons she has learned along the way. Khizra’s commitment to excellence, her dedication to building strong employer brands, and her emphasis on the importance of cultural fit and diversity in hiring have left an indelible mark on our understanding of the tech recruitment landscape.

As we bid farewell to this enriching conversation, we are reminded that the fusion of technology and human resources is a dynamic and ever-evolving field. Khizra Khurshid’s wealth of knowledge, honed through years of experience, serves as a testament to the continuous learning and adaptability required in this space.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Khizra for sharing her expertise with Brandsterz and our readers. Her insights will undoubtedly serve as a valuable resource for tech recruiters, HR professionals, and job seekers alike, as they navigate the complex world of talent acquisition in the tech industry.

As we look ahead, we remain inspired by professionals like Khizra Khurshid, who are dedicated to shaping the future of tech recruitment, one strategic hire at a time. We eagerly anticipate the innovations and successes that her future endeavors will undoubtedly bring to the tech world.

Thank you for joining us in this illuminating conversation with Khizra Khurshid, and we invite you to explore more thought-provoking content on Brandsterz as we continue to unravel the fascinating stories and insights within the world of branding, talent acquisition, and technology.

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